Order for the Copyright Lawsuit

Well it is three business days past the 120th business day of the serving of the fraudulent lawsuit and we have an order from the court.? Now we can show the whole sequence of events leading up to today so that you can understand that you are a subject slave and that your Bill of Rights has been unlawfully removed and that there is no law for the American nationals for the united States of the Americas.

Note all the dates as dates are important.?? Continue reading

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The Common Law Writ for the Mandamus for the Response

Got to thinking about the hundred mile drive to Medford and the back roads where there is no cell service.? Got to thinking about a man who had an appointment to meet a sheriff and was ambushed and murdered.? So I opted to do a whole bunch more work and file by certified mail with return receipt.

The Mandamus was constructed from our Bill of Rights and a couple of cites from the Library of Congress.? I believe everything is pretty cut and dry.?? Continue reading

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WV Lawmakers Invite VA 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties to Secede And Join Their State

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

West Virginia lawmakers introduced a resolution on Tuesday inviting Virginia’s Second Amendment sanctuary counties to legally secede and “be admitted to the body politic of the State of West Virginia.”

House Concurrent Resolution 8 reads:?Continue reading

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South Dakota Governor Signs Executive Order Banning Boycotts of Israel

Breaking Israel News

South Dakota became the 28th state to enact a measure to combat boycotts of Israel as Republican Gov. Kristi Noem signed an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting state offices from doing business with companies that boycott Israel.

“Israel is one of our nation’s closest allies, and their success is critical to American national security,” said Noem. “Today, we reaffirm that South Dakota stands with Israel and will only contract with businesses who agree to fairly compete. Our state will not stand for any discrimination based on race or religion.”?Continue reading

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The Word From the Trenches – January 15, 2020

Join in on the conversation. Call (712) 770-5597 then enter 220029#, press *6 to mute and unmute.

VoIP Dialer – New Link: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/dialer

You can listen on our player.

Direct link for major players:

Archive: TWFTT 1-15-20

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Congressional candidate says she was assaulted by anti-voting protesters


AUSTIN (KXAN) — A small group of masked protesters often show up at city hall, campaign events, and large gatherings to protest against participating in elections. A local candidate for Congress, Heidi Sloan, accused members of the group of assaulting her Sunday after a campaign event.?Continue reading

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Trump signs first stage of trade deal with China


President Donald Trump?on Wednesday signed an?initial trade deal with China?that includes pledges from Beijing to more than double its purchases from American farmers in the first year.

The 86-page agreement comes after nearly two years of fraught negotiations and a punishing trade war between the world’s two largest economies that?hit US soybean producers especially hard.?Continue reading

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Magnesium-Deficient Obesity

Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND

I wrote “Magnesium The Weight Loss Cure” in May, 2012 and it’s time for an update. In 2012 the statistics on the number of people being overweight and obese were not as dire as they are today. According to the CDC, in 2015-2016 the prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million US adults. Several years later, it’s probably even worse. The annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. may be as high as $210 billion. Obesity-related, and therefore preventable conditions include heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.?Continue reading

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1,000 Honduran migrants preparing new US-bound caravan

Yahoo News

San Pedro Sula (Honduras) (AFP) – Close to 1,000 people have gathered in Honduras’ second city forming a migrant caravan that will soon head for the United States, a human rights activist told AFP.

Thousands of Central American migrants have been braving the risk of extortion, kidnap and even murder as they flee poverty and gang violence in their homelands in a bid to reach the American dream, much to the annoyance of US President Donald Trump.Continue reading

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China’s Growing Economic Miracle…Collapse?! Or…Everyone Pays the Piper.

In emulating the American economic raison d’etre, China has attempted to develop its unique capitalist model while ignoring that it too will soon suffer the same fate for the same reason: Unsustainable debt. ?When examining the recent realities of Chinese banking and finance over the past year it seems the steam that president Xi Jinping touts as powering the engine of his purported economic miracle of a master-planned economy is only a mirage, now almost completely evaporated before his eyes.?Continue reading

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Virginia Governor to Declare State Emergency to Prevent Lawful Carry at 2A Rally

PJ Media – by Stephen Green

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here — this is the War Room!”

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, 1964

“Citizens, you can’t carry legal firearms here — this is a Second Amendment rally!”

-Commonwealth of Virginia, 2020

The laugh-out-loud absurdity of Stanley Kubrick’s?Dr. Strangelove is now the cry-out-loud reality of Democrat-held Virginia.?Continue reading

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Illinois Becomes 20th State to Force Taxpayers to Foot the Bill for Transgender Surgery

PJ Media – by Tyler O’Neil

Far-left activists don’t just want Americans to approve of transgender ideology and to call people by preferred pronouns unmoored from biological sex — they also want to force taxpayers to foot the bill for dangerous experimental surgeries that leave people infertile and scarred for life.?Continue reading

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92-Year-Old Woman Sexually Abused and Murdered by Illegal Alien After New York Refused to Hand Him Over to ICE

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

A beloved 92-year-old woman was sexually abused and murdered by a 21-year-old illegal alien after New York refused to hand him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Reeaz Khan claims that he found Maria Fuertes laying on the ground in Queens when he got on top of her to try to help. He claims that his belt broke, pants fell down, and his penis fell near her vagina. At this point, he says, he lost control and tried to have sex with her.?Continue reading

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$1,163,090,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through December

CNS News – by Terence P. Jeffrey

The federal government spent a record $1,163,090,000,000 in the first three months of fiscal 2020 (October through December),?according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released Monday afternoon.

That was up $48,008,200,000 from the $1,115,081,800,000 (in constant December 2019 dollars) that the federal government spent in the first three months of fiscal 2019.?Continue reading

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U.S. search warrant accuses Canadian resident of smuggling Mexicans across northern border


They paid $2,000 US to cross B.C.’s border with Washington state.

And they would have owed a smuggler another $11,500 US once they reached their destination.?Continue reading

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Russian government resigns after Putin sets out constitutional shake-up


MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s government unexpectedly resigned on Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin proposed sweeping constitutional changes that could allow him to extend his rule.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he was stepping down to give Putin room to carry out the changes, which, if implemented, would shift power to parliament and the prime minister – and might thus allow Putin, 67, to rule on in another capacity after his current term ends in 2024.?Continue reading

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Florida ABC News Covers Widespread Medical Kidnappings Due to Child Abuse Pediatricians

Health Impact News

As year 2020 gets underway, we are seeing more and more mainstream media sources covering medical kidnapping stories, especially when Child Abuse Pediatricians are involved.

One of the latest investigative reports comes from the Tampa ABC News I-Team Investigations.?Continue reading

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Clinton Body Count Epstein Suicided Mena Iran Contra Barry Seal Medellin PART 2 – Railroad Murders

Continue reading

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Honest Government Ad | My Police State!

Continue reading

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Creepy SURRENDER to 5G, Putting 5G To Work Messages In The Sky Above Las Vegas

Continue reading

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U.N. health experts admit toxic vaccine ingredients are harming children worldwide

Natural News – by Mike Adams

A Dec. 2, 2019 World Health Organization “Global Vaccine Safety Summit” video has been found and leaked to the world, revealing shocking admissions of the?health hazards posed by vaccines?and their toxic ingredients.

A first-wave compilation of some of the more damning quotes was created by?Del Bigtree’s “Highwire” organization, which posted the video to YouTube. Knowing that video would quickly be banned, we posted it to?Brighteon.com, where “Highwire” is expected to launch a channel very soon.?Continue reading

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Former Senior Treasury Financial Crimes Official Pleads Guilty To Leaking Records of Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Butina and More…

Conservative Treehouse – by Sundance

As you review this story keep in the back of your mind that U.S. DC Attorney Jessie Liu has been recently moved to head the Financial Crimes Division of the Treasury Department.

CTH noted last year when John Fry, an intelligence analyst with the IRS’s law enforcement arm,?was arrested?that something more was happening in the background of his case and the DOJ case against?Natalie Sours-Edwards.?? Today Ms. Sours-Edwards pleads guilty to downloading & distributing the financial records of people connected to the Trump orbit.Continue reading

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